Americal History

The Americal Division (23rd Inf. Div.) has a proud history of service in the United States Army. It was the only division in World War II that was not assigned a number. It was the largest Army division in the Vietnam War.

Americal Division History

Honor guard at Americal change of command Panama 1950'sThe Americal Division activated on the island of New Caledonia in May 1942. Its elements took the first offensive action against the enemy in World War II. The Americal served with distinction in the South Pacific to include battles at Guadalcanal, Bougainville, and Cebu. It was among the occupation forces of Japan.
The 23rd Infantry Division served in 1954-1956 and took the insignia, lineage, traditions, and honors of the Americal Division. The 23rd Inf. Div. activated in response to the uncertainty of the Cold War. Its elements trained in jungle warfare in Panama and secured the Caribbean area of operations.
The Americal Division (23rd Inf. Div.) formed from Task Force Oregon in Chu Lai, Vietnam in October 1967. It fought a determined enemy in hostile areas from the coastal plains of the South China Sea to the jungle mountains along the Laotian border. Its elements were among the last to leave the Vietnam War.