Americal Division Veterans Association

"Under the Southern Cross"


The Americal PX is open on a temporary basis.  Follow the procedure below:

1.  Send your order to Ron Ellis, 4493 Highway 64W, Henderson, TX   75652.  Do not send any orders to Wayne Bryant.  He is now retired.

2.  Provide items, quantity, your name, mailing address, telephone number, and emaill address with your order.

3.  Mail payment in a check or money order.  If you wish to use a credit card you must send an email to Ron Ellis.  He is at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Provide your phone number for Ron to call you back for credit card information.  Send credit card information by postal mail or email at your own risk.  If you wish you may call Ron with your order information.  He is at 903-738-9897.

4.  Once your order and payment has been received by Ron he will forward the information to Dave Eichhorn.  Dave will then ship your ordered items to you.

5.  Some items are out of stock.  The khaki baseball cap is sold out and will not be replaced.  The gray ADVA tee shirt is only available in XL and XXL sizes.

6.  Any questions about order or payment can be handled by Ron Ellis.  His phone number is 903-738-9897.

If you wish to use an order form CLICK HERE

Click here for Application form


PX Catalog Photos

This page is under construction.  Check back soon for more photos of Americal PX items.